Women’s Bodies should not be a Health Mystery


WelivaTM is more than a brand;

we are an ally, offering…

  • Simple and sustainable ways of navigating the physical and emotional journey of women’s hormonal health.

  • Clinically proven solutions that are natural, well tolerated, and supported by relevant clinical studies.

  • An assertive and honest vision of what women’s health and wellbeing can be.


Let’s talk About Menopause.

Canada has more than 10 million women over the age of 40, but their needs related to menopause aren’t being met.

​​​A significant part of life for many Canadian women is navigating through the different stages of menopause, which can last for half of their life's journey.

​​​​For 75% of women, menopausal symptoms pose challenges to daily living.​​​​​

​​​More than two-thirds of women are unaware that the symptoms they are experiencing are linked to menopause​.

is here to offer
support and effective solutions.


Effective against various menopausal symptoms

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    Multi-symptom relief

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    Clinically proven

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    Naturally sourced